Comme évoqué dans les 2 derniers sujets autour de openHD et openIC :

Je découvre avec surprise qu’ils sont implémentés dans BATAFLIGHT 4.4, voilà vous savez tout….

Digital VTXs

Digital VTXs are a newer form of video system that is becoming more and more common. It’s a bit more complicated than analog, and needs setup to get OSD and VTX control working.

Start in the Ports Tab by enabling VTX (MSP + Displayport) as a peripheral on the UART that your VTX is connected to. It should automatically enable MSP as well. If you’re on a version older than 4.4, you will only need to enable MSP and then follow further.

Then in the Preset Tab, there are a few system-specific presets that you can use to make the setup easier:

  • HDZero for 4.2/4.3 and 4.4
  • Avatar 4.2/4.3
  • FPV.WTF MSP OSD 4.2/4.3
  • FPV.WTF + O3 + Avatar for 4.4

For further information on the newest firmware (4.4), please read the Release Notes

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